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just call again, i swear i wont miss it (: 0 notes
its killing me to let you have no idea how tempted i was to kiss you today. 1 note

i like being free.. but times like this, while i’m lost in my thoughts, i cant help but to want to be with you again.. you fucked me up bad inside. and i know that you’re only making an effort because you know you’ve already lost me. can you walk me home? no. can we talk? no. because its easier to just forget… i want you to be the way you were three years ago.. but i know that wont happen. instead, i’ll let you go.

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wondering if i should call when you get off of work.. 0 notes

moving forward.


I’m done with your games. you’re not sorry for anything. so stop apologizing because it’s useless, it’s too late. I’m moving forward. I’m already thinking about someone else. he’s better. I don’t want a relationship. just a friend, and he’s perfect for that. you stopped being my friend a long time ago, even when I needed you the most.

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bored… :)

the one time I receive a call, and I miss it :/ fml.

I have butterflies cause I just told this kid, oh my gosh..

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