Kimmy is actually Timmy but yea.. this butthead..

hes what I want but can’t have..

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my bum said fuck that nigga (:

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I’m sorry.. but I can’t..

still shopping, since 11:30 last night :/ exhausted.. 0 notes
I wanna call you.. 1 note

when a good thing goes bad, it’s not the end of the world. it’s just the end of a world that you had with one boy. and he’s the reason it happened.

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I asked him for a favor..

i asked for him to remind me of all the bad things he’s done to me. I want to remember so I’ll never take him back. I told him to keep me on my feet and to not let me break down, he said he won’t. I’ll put my trust in him.

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the butterflies I get when he calls me ‘lovaa’ (: 0 notes
if i could, i’d make you mine instead. 0 notes
dear boyfriend,

have you noticed.. i’m giving up?

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everything about him is so fuckin cute .. 1 note
i’ve havent felt this happy talking to someone in a while..

it’s so wrong but it feels so right. he doesnt even need to feel the same way i do.. but he’s so attractive, physically and mentally. i dont wanna stop talking to him, but i dont want to be a bother. he makes everything feel okay..

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in the end, it’s just me. 0 notes

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